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David Lynch’s Sons – Who Are They?

by David Fox

With the long-anticipated Twin Peaks Showtime reboot just around the corner (set to premiere April 2017), it seems no one can get enough of director and transcendental meditation advocate David Lynch.

David Lynch himself

Whether looking to attend his highly anticipated, sold-out Festival of Disruption, or merely re-watch some of their favorite movies such as Eraserhead, Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive, his fans are lining up by the dozens to know more about him. But as rumors and chatter that the legend may soon retire flourish the media, his fans may wonder, who will carry on his legacy once he's gone?

David Lynch's Sons: Riley and Austin

Well fear not, David Lynch has two wildly talented up-and-coming sons named Austin and Riley, both whom are film makers and just starting to make a name for themselves.

What We Know About David Lynch's Sons ?

David Lynch's two sons are Riley and Austin. Both have worked on their father's films in various capacities.

Riley Sweeney Lynch is a musician and composer. He has worked on the soundtracks for several of his father's films, including "Eraserhead," "The Elephant Man," and "Blue Velvet." He also collaborated with his father on the album "Crazy Clown Time."

Austin Jack Lynch is a photographer and filmmaker. He has worked as a camera operator on several of his father's films, including "Mulholland Drive" and "Inland Empire." He also directed the short film

Riley Sweeney Lynch

David Lynch's son: Riley

Riley Sweeney Lynch is the younger of the two brothers. He was born in 1992 to David Lynch and Mary Sweeney who worked extensively together (on the original Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, and Blue Velvet to name a few).

Riley has an active social media presence on Twitter ( riley_s_lynch), vimeo ( rileysweeneylynch) and Instagram ( rileylynchofficial). And while you may not have seen any of Riley's film work, he has studied and the School for the Art Institute of Chicago has made a number of short films.

Riley Lynch with Vagina Picture

In February, 2013 Riley launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a then untitled film project with two of his class mates. The film was funded in 10 days and surpassed its goal of $5000 from backers all over the world.

Not much was known about what the film would entail, other than a brief description that was included on Kickstarter: "A young man is unable to recall his dreams. Losing his source of inspiration, he seeks refuge in the home of a desert dwelling woman." The film, 'Meanwhile, the Night,' was unleashed to the world a few months later at a Chicago Screening in August 2013 and is now available on Vimeo for those interested to see Riley's work.

We'll also embed it here, if we can.

Riley is credited for his behind the scenes work for

; as well fans can expect to see Riley in the new Twin Peaks in an acting role in the premiere and has a production role for the rest of the show's run.

Austin Jack Lynch

Austin Jack Lynch

Born ten years earlier than Riley, on September 7, 1982, is his older brother Austin Jack Lynch.

He is the son of David Lynch and Mary Fisk. He is best known for known for Interview Project (2009) which he is the creator and director.

Interview Project (2009) was shot over 70 days across the United States and features brief interviews with hundreds of different Americans. He also shot a film that documented the making of Terrence Malick's 'The New World' entitled Making 'The New World' (2006). As well, you may know him from his acting role

as Devon Berk's Driver. Before that he had a brief screen role in the second season of Twin Peaks (1990) as a character only called Little Boy.

His character was Mrs Tremond's grandson.

David Lynch's Son: Austin

Following in the foot steps of his younger brother, Austin created a Kickstart his film 'Gray house', later in 2013. His film 'Gray House' was much more bigger and ambitious that his younger brother's, and Austin set a goal of $25,000 USD.

In less than a month of crowdsourcing, his film had reached his goal. According to the description on Kickstarter: "Gray House is an exploration of domestic space that frames a conversation about nature, identity, consumerism and progress." And despite the numerous stake holders, as 2016 the film has not yet been released nor are any public updates available.

Gray House of Austin Jack Lynch

Austin's directorial style is somewhat comparable to his father's. With a focus on narrative he provides audiences with highly empathetic characters. Austin's films tend to be slightly less dark than his father's. In addition to film-making Austin is an avid painter, with his interest in visual art starting in high school and continuing through college. From there he gained an interest in photography and attending classes at North Carolina School of The Arts.

How Riley and Austin Lynch Have Helped Their Father in His Work

Riley and Austin Lynch have been a big help to their father, David, in his work as a writer. They have contributed to his books, helped him with research, and even done some of the editing. As a result, David has been able to produce some great work that has helped many people.

David is grateful for the assistance of his sons and is always quick to credit them for their contributions. In fact, he says that without their help, he wouldn't be nearly as successful as he is today. Thanks to Riley and Austin, David has been able to reach a wide audience with his writing and make a real difference in the world.

What Riley and Austin Lynch Do When They're Not Working With Their Father

When they're not working with their father on his projects, Riley and Austin Lynch like to stay busy. They often work on their own projects together, including a podcast and a blog. They also enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking and camping. In their free time, they love to play music together. Austin is an accomplished guitar player, and Riley plays the drums. The two brothers have a close bond and are always eager to help each other out. Their father, David Lynch, is a successful filmmaker, and the Lynch brothers have followed in his footsteps. They have both worked on his films, and they continue to collaborate on new projects. The Lynch brothers are very close, and they share a passion for film and music. They are always looking for new ways to express themselves creatively. Riley and Austin Lynch are two very talented young men who have a bright future ahead of them. They are already making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, and they are sure to achieve even more success in the years to come. Keep up the good work, boys! We can't wait to see what you do next!

How They Feel About Being the Sons of One of the Most Famous Directors in the World

It's no secret that being the son or daughter of a celebrity can come with its own set of challenges. For Riley and Austin Lynch, the sons of famed director David Lynch, growing up in the public eye has been something they've had to learn to deal with from a very young age.

In a recent interview, the brothers opened up about how they feel about being the sons of one of the most famous directors in the world.

"It's definitely not easy," said Austin. "There's a lot of pressure that comes along with it."
I think people expect us to be just like our dad and that can be really tough," added Riley. "But at the end of the day, we love him and we're proud of him.

Despite the challenges that come with being the children of a celebrity, both Austin and Riley say they wouldn't change it for anything.

"It's been an amazing experience," said Austin. "I've been able to travel the world and meet some incredible people."
It's definitely not always easy, but it's worth it," added Riley. "I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The Return Of Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks fans held their breath throughout 2016. This year marked the famed 25 years later that promised Bob's return. While everyone was hopeful that it may be a Twin Peaks relaunch, no one dared hope. However, much to everyone's surprise, with a new run of Twin Peaks announced there will be a new generation of Twin Peaks fans and David Lynch fans.

New Twin Peaks Series

Surely his younger sons are more than fit to carry the torch and carry on David Lynch's legacy through creating new films for this new generation of Lynch fans to enjoy. Be sure to watch out for Riley Austin in the upcoming pilot of the new Twin Peaks and be sure to keep an eye out of the release of Austin's Gray House. These two have already shown so much potential in their lives, and with their talent the sky's the limits.

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