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Art History

One of my favorite things to study is art history. There are so many amazing pieces of artwork out there, and each one has a story to tell. I love getting lost in the details of paintings and sculptures, and trying to imagine what life was like in different eras. If you're also interested in art history, then this blog post is for you! I've compiled some of the most famous pieces of art from all around the world, and I'm going to share with you all about them. So sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about some of the most iconic works of art ever created!

What Is Installation Art? Description, History, and Prominent Artists

What Is Installation Art? Description, History, and Prominent Artists

Today we will be discussing installation art, in terms of defining what it is / … Read more... [full]

The Cultural Significance of Manga and Anime

The Cultural Significance of Manga and Anime

Anime and Manga are two different storytelling media. They both originate in Japan, and are … Read more... [full]

Otaku Subculture History

Otaku Subculture History

A wide range of youth subcultures have appeared in Japan since World War II, many … Read more... [full]

The History of Gekiga

With a long history deeply rooted in the rich Japanese art, manga are one of … Read more... [full]

Norman Rockwell – American Classic

Norman Rockwell is one of the best known American painters of all time, although he … Read more... [full]

The History of Oil Paint Pigments

Oil paint is one of the most popular mediums in art. It’s a slow-drying paint … Read more... [full]

Jonas Mekas – As It Is

Today I’m going to be discussing the life and times of Jonas Mekas, an Lithuanian-American … Read more... [full]

Fluxus – When Art Got Cancelled

Fluxus is a global, anti-high-art interdisciplinary art movement that all started in New York in … Read more... [full]

Franz Marc – Spirit Animals

Franz Marc was a German Expressionist, who created many artworks featuring nature and animals, and … Read more... [full]

Emil Nolde – Let’s Mingle!

Emil Nolde was a German-Danish Expressionist painter, known for his unbridled passion for a rather … Read more... [full]

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