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My name is David Fox and I am an artist and painter from Ontario, Canada.  I have been making art for most of my life, in one form or another.

twyla mae

It all started when I got an easel around age 3, and I used to go paint things in the laundry room of the house I grew up in.  I usually painted on big pieces of paper, and I wore an apron as below.

David Fox at 2

Ah, even then, I had a somewhat inflated ego, as I was told by people that I was “special” and could “do anything” and so of course I took that at face value.

Before long, in the early 1980’s, we purchased a Commodore 64 and some games from the store that was by Buns Master…

Bun Master Bakery

…at which point I spent about 6 years straight playing primitive video games in the darkness of our basement, and also playing around with the board games and toys of the day, whilst running around the neighbourhood with a lead pipe (ie. my pretend sword), looking for vampires and demons (who apparently existed in our neighbourhood, according to my neighbour Mark), and crawling around on my face on the sidewalk looking closely at the rocks that were embedded in the concrete.

I had a lot of interesting hobbies as a kid, you might say, much of them fuelled by Red Dye #3.

Anyway, fast forward a few decades and here I am, still making art, and still mildly edgy. (ie. I don’t smile)

So what’s the point of this website?

This website is platform with a dual purpose.

One reason I made this website is to discuss art through history up to the present.  As a visitor here, or as they say, “web surfer”, you will find many blog posts about different movements and people from present day and times gone by, as myself and some of the other writers I work with who share a passion for art and writing delve deep into various artsy topics.

I hope that this website can act like a resource for people studying art, and also for anyone who is simply curious about art in general.  Although I wasn’t crazy about art history class while I was taking my visual arts degree, some of it seeped in and I have a lasting interest in some of the things I learned during that time of my life.

My Artwork

I also use this website as a gallery to display my art.  If you would wish to see my work (which is also for sale if you contact me by email), go here.

Visit my Spotify, because I make music also and so I am obliged to myself to make an effort to share that as well.

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