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How does architecture impact our lives? What kind of messages does it send? How do we interact with it on a daily basis? These are some questions that I will be exploring in this post. Architecture is all around us, and it is important to think about what kind of message it is sending. For example, a government building might send a message of authority, while a church might send a message of spirituality. In this day and age, architecture is becoming more and more about aesthetics rather than function, which can lead to some interesting results. Sometimes the beauty of a building can overshadow its true purpose.

The Bauhaus

The Bauhaus, a German art and design school, was one of the most significant and … Read more... [full]

Antoni Gaudi – Famous Spanish Architects

Antoni Gaudí, a Catalan architect, has become internationally recognized as one of the most prodigious … Read more... [full]

Stalinist Architecture – The Seven Sisters of Moscow

After the World War II, many countries had to rebuild their ransacked cities from the … Read more... [full]

Frank Lloyd Wright – He Wore A Cape

Famous architect, writer, designer, and educator Frank Lloyd Wright was born in June of 1867. … Read more... [full]

Kenzo Tange – Osaka’s Pride Shapes The World

” We live in a world where great incompatibles co-exist: the human scale and the … Read more... [full]

Yugoslav Monuments – An Essay on Art and the Rhetoric of Power

A monument is namely a public phenomenon; the public is the commission which reasoned it … Read more... [full]

Le Corbusier – The Picasso of Architecture and his Radiant Cities

Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light. Our … Read more... [full]

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