About Me

My name is David Fox and I may or may not be what you would call your typical artist.  I have been drawing and painting for most of my life, creating portals into other realms which I see in my mind.

the wine life - 1'4 w 1'10 copy

Through these portals, I see things.  Are these things real?  Not any less so than a dream.  Is a dream real?  Where do dreams come from, and what do they portend?

david charles fox artist

This website is platform with a duel purpose.

One is to discuss art through history up to the present.  As a visitor here, you will find many blog posts about different movements and people from times gone by, and I delve into their lives for my own curiosity, to see what may also befall me.

I never could have predicted that maintaining a blog would take up any significant amount of time for me in my life, but here we are.  Everything happens for a reason…

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My Artwork

I also use this website as a gallery to display my art.  If you would wish to see my work (which is also for sale if you contact me by email), go here.

Visit my Spotify, because I make music also…