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Famous Women Artists In History

There are so many talented and successful women artists throughout history, but often their names are left out of the conversation. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the most famous women artists in history and their amazing accomplishments. Whether they were painters, sculptors, or photographers, these women defied stereotypes and made their mark on the art world. So get ready to be inspired by these incredible ladies!

Cindy Sherman – Essay On Her Famous Works

The work is what it is and hopefully it’s seen as feminist work, or feminist-advised … Read more... [full]

Amrita Sher Gil – The James Dean Effect

Amrita Sher Gil is one of the most impressive and the most gifted Indian artists … Read more... [full]

Who Are The Best Abstract Expressionist Painters?

Who Are The Best Abstract Expressionist Painters?

The abstract expressionism art form sprung onto the scene in the 1940s and 1950s by … Read more... [full]

My Top 10 Best Contemporary Photographers

My Top 10 Best Contemporary Photographers

Photography is about a single point of a moment. It’s like stopping time. As everything … Read more... [full]

Lee Krasner – Out of the Shadows

Lee Krasner may not be a name you immediately recognize, but her husband, Jackson Pollock, … Read more... [full]

Grace Hartigan – Fast Train

While Grace Hartigan started her art career later than many of her counterparts, her impact … Read more... [full]

Marianne von Werefkin – Women of Expressionism

Marianne von Werefkin is a Russian-German-Swiss painter, who started to paint in the Realism style … Read more... [full]

The Impressive Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo is from Bogotá, Colombia, and was born in 1958. Her life dramatically influences … Read more... [full]

Still Lifes of Suzanne Valadon – Where No “Decent” Woman Would Tread

Much has been said on the nudes of Suzanne Valadon, and rightly so.Truly, they are … Read more... [full]

Niki de Saint Phalle – Ready To Kill

In 1960 I was a very angry young woman. Angry at men and their power. … Read more... [full]

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